ACCG Publications

Meetings Organization and Public Access for Counties:
This publication provides a model ordinance for counties on meeting organization.
Model Emergency Management Ordinances and Agreements
This publication contains sample emergency management ordinances developed jointly with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency. Counties are encouraged to adopt these ordinances before an emergency or disaster strikes. The publication also includes sample mutual aid agreements, releases and other forms useful to county governments during an emergency.
Parliamentary Procedures for Counties
This publication provides a model ordinance for counties on parliamentary procedures.
Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST)
The Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax is the primary capital revenue source for cities and counties. The ACCG SPLOST Guidebook is the primary reference guide for local governments establishing a new SPLOST and maintaining legal compliance with the SPLOST law. This guidebook is one of ACCG’s most popular publications.
Georgia’s Open Meetings Open Records Laws
County officials and staff across the state turn to this comprehensive guide for guidance on how to comply with Georgia’s open meetings and open records law. This Guide has been completely rewritten and updated to reflect the most recent changes made during the 2016 legislative session. The new version contains even more frequently asked questions and information on how to fully comply with the new law. It further includes applicable statutes, case summaries, and sample forms that county commissioners and county staff can use.
Constitutional County Officers
This guidebook is designed to help county commissioners understand the current status of the law as it relates to constitutional officers so that they can identify the limits of their authority. This publication explores these limits in relation to budgets, contracting, purchasing, salaries, employees, lawsuits, fees, and drug and forfeiture money.
Charting a Course for Cooperation and Collaboration
This publication produced by ACCG, the Georgia Municipal Association, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government provides information on the Service Delivery Strategy Act.
Salary Guide: A Guide for Computing County Officials Salaries
This guidebook is published annually by ACCG to assist counties in calculating salaries of certain county officials, as well as state officials who receive supplements to their salary from the county. The procedure set forth in this guidebook has been reviewed and approved by the Constitutional Officers Association of Georgia (COAG), the Magistrate Council of Georgia and ACCG
Population Acts of Georgia: A Pernicious Profusion of Confusion
This publication provides a listing and description for all population acts organized by county or city name or by population.
Local Amendments to the Constitution of Georgia: Conundrums Continued and Curiosities Curtailed
This publication provides a listing and description of all local constitutional amendments organized by county or city name.
Handbook for Georgia County Commissioners
The Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government have partnered to produce the 5th edition of the Handbook for Georgia County Commissioners with content written and reviewed by experts in their field. The Handbook is considered to be the most comprehensive reference guide to county government available. (A hard copy of the Handbook will be provided to the newly elected county commissioner upon registration for the newly elected commissioners conference).
Property Tax Video
This video provides an overview of how property taxes are calculated and how these taxes fund vital government services.

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