Continuing Education Requirements

The third component of the Lifelong Learning Academy is a continuing education requirement. Following certification, eighteen hours of continuing education hours are required to maintain certification. This requirement kicks in with the new calendar year following certification. For example, if a commissioner is certified in April of 2020, the continuing education year would begin with January 2021. The hours may be earned by attending traditional classes and by attending ACCG conferences, regional meetings, special workshops and seminars and committee meetings. Eighteen hours of continuing education credit could be earned by attending the ACCG Annual Conference alone, if a commissioner attended training and all conference events. There are many opportunities to earn these hours throughout the year. If a commissioner does encounter a hardship during a year and is unable to earn the continuing education hours, the ACCG Lifelong Learning Committee will work with the individual in every way possible so that certification is maintained.

*Note: The ACCG Executive Committee has suspended the annual continuing education (CE) requirement for certified county commissioners (18 Hours CE per year) until further notice.

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